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Ms Obama utilizes her right of address recently to show sadness and outrage about school girls

Ms Obama recently made the out of the blue move of making the president’s weekly video talk to the country herself in which she vented anger about over two hundred and fifty young school aged women recently taken and snatched by militant Islamics in the country and nation of Nigeria.

Michelle kicked off the address, that is to be streamed out to the world on their you tube channel on mothers day prior to venting her outrage about how over a couple hundred school girls were stolen from their dorms in the dark of night recently.

She was quoted as saying that it was a truly gutless act by a terrorist group who were intent on tearing apart these girls’ lives and aspirations that can only be realised through a good education.These gutless militants were taking away their right to education by taking them away.

The group is a muslim terror group. They go by the name of Boko Harramm. They took some two hundred and eighty girls a couple of weeks ago in the middle of April. They were taken from their high school dorm over there in an outpost of Nigeria called Chibok. This is a school that is situated in a remote area of the country. Since taking them, the group has made threats to pass them off as slaves to people wanting to purchase people for slaves.

These recent kidnappings have made the entire world just full of invective for the muslim terrorists. Now there are calls for a crack armed force to be sent in to save the girls from their kidnappers. In fact, these particular girls are actually from the united states and the united kingdom. The current leader of the country of Nigeria has also come out and said that he believes the girls are still in the land of Nigeria. Their where abouts he doesn’t seem to sure of though.

Michelle Obama went on to say in her message that she and the president just imagine those girls being their own and empathise with their plight very closely. She went on to empathise with their families and parents as well.

Another aspect of the initial lady’s speach is how she pointed to the fact that these girls went back to the school to complete their exams. In fact, the facility was recently shut down because of terror threats. However, the young girls were so resolved to improve their lives that they went back to complete their exams anyway. They wanted to liberate themselves and complete their education so they could build brighter futures.

She also went on to encourage people all over the world regardless of their race or creed, to stand up for the rights of women all over the globe. She said that all women have a right to be educated.

Meanwhile a crack group comprising professionals from the united kingdom have been sent to investigate the issue on the ground in Nigeria. They are there to hunt the attackers down once and for all. Not only do they want to resolve this issue if they can but another major aim would be to prevent this from happening again and to finally defeat this group of muslim terrorists.

protestors and police ukraine

Recent death along the Ukraine’s eastern areas increase tensions

A referendum is very quickly being organized because of fighting and killing that continues to increase in its intensity. More and more people are dying in the east of Ukraine and some experts and people in the country are starting to say that it looks like the makings of a civil war occuring there.

After Ukraine naval forces entered a southern port recently, over 7 individuals have been slain there. This came after they came into the area with big armour clad tanks and other types of war vehicles. This was a response to the seperatist forces recent offensive on a policeman’s head quarters there. After the stoush with the police force, the building they were fighting over ended up just getting burned to the ground until there was no more building actually to fight over. In fact, it was the police that burned the building to the ground. In addition, after they retreated through the city, the Ukraine army came in and actually were firing on innocent civilians there.

One of the Ukraine politicians immediately came out with some big inflammatory statements about it. One of them was that they killed over twenty or so terrorists. However, doctors and workers at the local hospital said that the deaths probably didn’t make it past the single digit mark. They said that one police person passed away. Apparently, there was a traffic policeman who was killed in the middle of his traffic moving duty. However, they also reported that it is hard to work out exactly what is happening as the entire area is a hive of activity. There are all sorts of suggestions and rumors being sent around that it is hard to know the truth of what is happening on the ground. This has all the makings of a grass roots propaganda war.

Last Friday during most of that day the place was in chaos. There was simply no order in the city. Looters essentially took over the place. They went from shop to shop stealing what ever they could actually get their hands upon. There was a store that sold guns and ammo to help people with their hunting interests and hobby. That was looted pretty quickly for its guns and munitions. People also could not help themselves from taking all the stuff inside of a mobile phone shop as well. There was a tank that had engine and mechanical failure. That was simply left by the wayside by the army and then subsequently burned by the looters. After burning the vehicle the men announced that they were taking back their city from the EU supporters and corrupt officials running the country all the way from the city of Kiev.

Then in the middle of the day on the Saturday the local police shop was closed for business. This was not great for the locals who needed to speak to the police about all the looting and damage that was being done. Essentially, the kiev government is losing control and unable to maintain order in their country. They are showing the world that they are unable to maintain control over their country.

According to insiders the seperatists had heard through an insider in the police that the cops had been planning a surprise attack on one of the other official important buildings that the separatists had taken earlier in the day. In order to prevent this from happenign the seperatists then decided to go and attack the police before the cops could get them. That is how the fight at the police station began.